Watch the Me Ref Hockey for CF

Today I’m doing something I’ve never done in my whole life: I’m refereeing a hockey game.  Actually, I’ve never even played hockey (although I’m a big fan).  I’m donating 4 hours today to ref a game that is setting out to break the Guinness Book of World Records for the LONGEST HOCKEY GAME IN THE WORLD.  The 40 women have already been playing for123 hours!  They’ve been going in 4 hours shifts and can’t leave the premises, sleeping in donated RVs in the parking lot.  They’ll need to eat a Powerbar or two because they need to go another 120 hours! (They’re eating more than Powerbars; I hear Safeway has donated all the food and local chefs are preparing deliciousness.)  10 days + 2 hours will break the former world record by 65 minutes.  That will be this Sunday.  Keep your fingers crossed for the girls!

It’s all for a fantastic cause: to raise money for CF and awareness about being an organ donor. (To sign up for organ donation in BC. To sign up in the US. I’m a donor and perhaps you should be, too?  We could save lives!)   The whole event is also in honor of Eva Markvoort (in photo below), who lost her battle with CF.  A inspiring and acclaimed documentary was made about her fight called 65_red_roses. It’s playing on Oprah’s new network and Eva’s from the Vancouver area.  She had an incredible soul!  You can watch the doc online here (you might have to be in Canada).

Want to come watch the game while I ref today?  You don’t need to hop in your car or on a plane because it’s streaming live online!  Go to the Longest Game 4 CF’s site to watch. Bring your popcorn and cow bells!


I’ll be reffing from 2-6pm PST.  If you peek in on the game, I’ll be one skating slow and a bit sporadic (I grew up in Arizona for christsakes).  I may also be on my ass a time or two.

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  1. Jennie
    August 31, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    And if you would like to donate to this tremendous cause, you can do so here:

    Please help these 40 women, and 150+ volunteers, reach their goal of raising $400,000+ to find a cure for CF. One day, CF will stand for Cure Found!

    Way to go Gina!!!!

    ps – one slight adjustment, the game ends on Monday, Sept 5 (rather than Sunday, as mentioned)

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