VLR: Question 6 + 7

I’ve already let you know how very much I enjoyed Jukebox.  My question is do you have a current timeframe for the sequel?
Thanks for all your interesting answers to all the other questions this weekend.

– Sue

I don’t have a firm timeframe for the sequel yet.  I’m just in the outlining phase now.  Because that first novel was such a “beast of its own,” I trust this next one will be far easier to pump out, as I’d finally hit my stride by the time I’d finished it.

I’m simultaneously rewriting the script, and working other development aspects of the film version, so that is quite time consuming, too.  How about I’ll say I’m shooting for completion by 2012? 🙂


So what is the next novel you are planning or even working on?

– Henriette

Henriette, the book Sue was speaking of is actually a sequel of sorts to Jukebox.  Harper and Grace’s story carrying on in some way, coupled with some other interesting angles I’m trying to work.  While it’s still in development now, I always intended to leave the story open to continue.  I don’t want to give too much away, but, for those of you who’ve read Jukebox, there are some intense feelings at the end, right?  Many unanswered questions, so much more story to tell…

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