VLR: Question 5

What is the Filmmaker Fund grant for Jukebox – will we really see a movie?  How far is the project?

– Henriette

In 2004, I received a grant from POWER UP for Jukebox while it was a work-in-progress.  It was called the “Filmmaking Fund.”  (They’ve since stopped that particular program.)  I was incredibly honored, as POWER UP is an organization I’m a member of and one that I admire greatly.  It was like getting a shot in the arm of energy and I used the funds to pay for an editor to read my manuscript and give me feedback.  Back then, I had a lot of work to do and her critique was a real turning point for the story.

Jukebox will most certainly be a feature film one day!  I’ve already adapted the manuscript.  I got great notes from POWER UP in 2009 and am now working on rewrites.  The trick is trying to figure out what elements of the novel to tell in the film. Only a fraction of a fraction can be included.  What translates onto the screen?  What is the most compelling story to tell in 2 hours?   These are important questions I’m asking myself right now as I rewrite the script.

Last year, I wrote/produced/directed my first short film: Til Death Do Us Toby.  It was through a contest I won on OUTtv.  They funded the short, and also made a documentary out of the process, which was equivalent to Filmmaking Bootcamp.  It was an unbelievable process and learning journey.  I plan on directing the film version of Jukebox as well.

You can learn more about it here: Jukebox + The Silver Screen

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