Reader Reviews

Here is compilation of reviews, as well as snippets from readers.  I’ve received many wonderful emails from readers about Jukebox. Thank you to everyone who has not only taken the time to read Jukebox, but also write me personally. They’ve each meant so much.

It’s not that Jukebox, Gina Daggett’s debut novel, tells a story that’s never been told before. It’s not that she brings new twists to the lesbian love song that we’ve never heard before.

But Daggett’s voice is new, her take her own, her characters courageous and fresh. Together, they elevate Jukebox beyond the usual formula and make it a story worth sharing.

- Robin Perelle in Xtra (Vancouver, BC newspaper)


This eloquently written novel was crafted in such a way that I quickly lost myself in the story and became deeply moved by the undeniable, steadfast love between Grace and Harper. A beautiful and tender love story!

- By Pretty Pants Kitty on

Totally fantastic!

An amazing first time accomplishment for Daggett! Such an entertaining, fast paced, original novel but even more a wonderful love story. A great read for any woman no matter sexual preference or age. I love her attention to detail and incredible talent for making me feel as if i was in the living room of all the characters.

- By Racket Strings on

Just dropping a line to let you know that I really enjoyed “Jukebox”, in fact it is one of my favourite books I’ve read out of the couple of dozen or so that I’ve read during the last couple of months  I found it absolutely engrossing and moving and extremely well written with a wonderfully well rounded plot.  I really liked your strong multi dimensional characters and your excellent character development, and I loved the interplay with the Jukebox.

Am glad to see on your website that you are planning on bringing this story to the big screen.  I shall be very interested to see who you cast…No doubt the film will be occupying most of your time and energies, but I was wondering if you are planning on writing anymore novels in the future? I sincerely hope so.

- Email from a reader in Australia

Fabulous Book!!

What a great story, one that needs to be shared with others who have been or know friends who have been in similar situations. This author has a way for creating believable characters, and describing their experiences in a way that the reader feels like they are a part of the story. As I read the book, I felt like I lived in their moment, visited the places where the scenes took place, and heard the same music. How innovative to use songs as the communication of their relationship through the entire story. I am looking forward to hopefully seeing it on the big screen someday soon! And when does her next book come out?

- By Nen3 on

I read ALOT of ebooks, I came across this new author on Bellabooks website. This is one of the most intense and beautifully well written stories I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. I loved the ending and would love a sequel. Please, let this writer know her work is fabulous and I look forward to more of her work.

- Email sent to my literary agent

I just started your book last week and finished this weekend. I absolutely loved your book! I can honestly say that you did a fabulous job of recreating the angst and trials of coming into one’s sexual identity. What a wonderful love story and thank you for writing it for your readers. Cliche as it may sound- I could not put the novel down! The journey of their love was mesmerizing. I look forward to your second novel!

- Note from reader in Vancouver, BC through Facebook

What a charming love story with a message – two messages if you count the song titles that tie into the book chapters, and in turn, to the relationship between Harper and Grace. The important message to take away from this lush coming of age story is that the closet is toxic… It’s hard to believe that this is a first novel.

- Teresa DeCrescenzo, Lesbian News (Feb 2011)