From celebrated CURVE columnist and winner of a
POWER UP Filmmaker’s Fund comes her breathtaking first novel. This deliciously hot debut chronicles the adventures of two privileged young women who knew better,
but were too in love to care.

When Grace Dunlop, a girl with all the advantages — the looks, the figure, the trust fund — moves to the United States from London, her life is forever changed when she meets Harper Alessi, a precocious brunette at the country club.

As Grace and Harper grow up, attending black tie balls and fielding boyfriends, they are irresistibly drawn together into an unusually close friendship, one that becomes more and more intense with each year. As freshman in college, they are presented as debutantes while home for Christmas. The night of their ball, after their fathers show them off to society, they escape to a local dive bar, where they experience another sort of coming out as they send loaded messages of love to each other through the music they play from the jukebox.

After years of kindling, the songs draw them into the fire as their innocent romance explodes into a physical passion, and they fall into a world of secret bliss. From stealing kisses in bathroom stalls to bringing guys to their sorority house, these femme lovers do everything they can to hide their relationship. They have no words for their love, and pretend, even to each other, that they are just best friends. But, they are not fooling everyone. And, when the fear of exposure puts Grace’s future in jeopardy, their young love is prematurely squelched. A decade later, when they’re both settled into their lives, they reunite, and finally discover they’re strong enough to stand in the truth of who they are together, even if it means losing everyone and everything in their lives.

A pulse-quickening read by a remarkably talented young writer, Gina Daggett’s novel is a feast for the senses—an erotic, melodic, lushly-detailed, coming-of-age that erupts with passion. Jukebox examines the powerful control that shame, fear, and money have over our lives, and reveals that happiness is only possible when we reject that control and, instead, bank on and put our hope in love.

Jukebox is available from Bella Books