Screenplay Done!

Well, at least the first draft of the Jukebox adaptation!

While I’m not discounting the milestone at all, I realize there is still lots of work to do. I’m now anxiously awaiting notes from a few key people.  The early notes are that the dialogue is weak in some places.  I am not surprised by this at all, as dialogue is one of those things that is sharpened with each draft.

Other invaluable notes: Harper needs sharper teeth and characterization, in general, needs additional coloring.

The journey to this point in the process has been a true challenge. I would say the hardest part was conceptualizing a tighter story, figuring out short cuts, condensation, and fleshing the outline.  Actually sitting down at the computer to pump the script out seemed to be the easy part.

Well, maybe “easy” is candycoating it, just like moms say after they give birth.  “I don’t remember the pain at all, despite the episiotomy. I only remember my baby’s smiling face and how it felt to hold her in my arms.”  Same delusions apply here, I suspect, sans the blood and balloons.

I’m eager awaiting additional notes and then I’ll go back and pound out another draft!  Onward with determination…

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