Go Oscar, Go!

I’m super excited for the Academy Awards tomorrow.  As a budding filmmaker myself, I’ve made it a point to try and see all the films up for Best Picture.  I almost made it.  My personal favorite this year was The Kings Speech.  Exceptional!  Across the board.  That said, Kings was my favorite overall film, but I had love affairs with others:

The Fighter (an awesome character-driven film with powerful performances by Christian Bale and Melissa Leo)

Inception (pushed, rather-sucessfully, on the boundaries of reality, complex storytelling and moving pictures)

The Kids are All Right (a brave film made my fantabulous dykon director Lisa Cholodenko)

The Social Network (incredibly interesting, but now I feel like a dirty whore when I sign onto Facebook)

For me, the single most haunting scene in all the films I put away this year was delivered in Winter’s Bone (which is not only up for Best Picture, but also awesomely up for Best Adaptation by two female  writers—go Debra Granik and Anne Rosellini).  If you’ve seen that movie, you probably know which scene I’m referring to, as it involves a chainsaw.  And an arm.  James Franco has nothing on that amputation.

Regardless of who takes the statues this year, it is always a wonderful reason to get friends together, drink bubbles and wear taffeta and pearls!

* The dress, and super figure (ignore the man hands), is courtesy of Kathryn Bigelow.

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  1. goatananny
    February 27, 2011 at 12:34 am

    Great Oscar blog! I’m totally with you on the Kings speech! Unfortunately I just had to tap into my “dirty whore” side to get to your blog through Facbook…Seriously though, where the cockadoody hell DID you find those man hands??!!

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