Dream it, Believe it and So Be it

Isn’t it fun to manifest into your life?

And it’s so damn easy.

Dream it, visualize and believe in it, and you will eventually attract that very thing into your life.

Why do so many not find success with this equation?  The answer is three-fold: 1) they aren’t willing to work hard, 2) they don’t have the patience to wait for it, 3) it’s doesn’t look exactly as they envision.  It may be a different color, size, even a different species.  Regardless why people fail, there’s no getting around THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS.  We are what we eat.  We are what we think.  That’s one of the myriad reasons protecting our energy field is so important by surrounding yourself with positive people—they influence what you think, how you think.  We are porous souls.

This point was driven home once again for me today in my best friend, Melanie, who I’ve been “kickin’ it” with since Kindergarten.  We’re both dreamers and I remember her—throughout grade school, high school and college—dreaming of being a fashion designer.  She even had a drafting board in her bedroom by grade four and she’d sit and sit and sit, drawing and designing dresses that would impress McQueen, Wang, even the house of Versace.

The mockups she’d draw always had these awesome larger-than-life characters under the clothes (much like her) withboldshoulders.  This could have had something to do with the fact it was the 80s and everyone had shoulder pads tucked into their tops.  She tells her own story here and I’m sharing photos of our numerous “dress ups” (these were never my idea, mind you).

Cut to the new millennium when she gets her first sewing machine and then stand back.  Even with a demanding job, two kids and a great husband, Mel found the time to burn up the threads while going back and forth to her drawing board at night.

Now cut to 2011 and she’s just unveiled the new spring collection for her wildly successful clothing line: Ava Rose Designs (named after her little buttercup daughter, Ava).  Check it out!

The excitement and pride I feel for Mel is hard to articulate, but really, I’m not surprised.  She’s a hard worker.  She’s a dreamer and believer. And she’s got mad talent, which she’s honed through the years, one design at at time.  Mel’s manifested this into her life and should be very proud.

Way to go, Mel!  You’ve not only “living the dream,” but also inspiring so many along the way!

2 Responses to “Dream it, Believe it and So Be it”

  1. Colleen
    May 26, 2011 at 9:14 am

    Gina, This is amazing! I am so proud of you and all you have accomplished. Seeing the picture of you and Mel brought me way back to Kiva days.. Wow it feels like yesterday. Much love to you xx Colleen

  2. Gina
    May 26, 2011 at 7:38 pm

    Thanks Sweet Pea! Much love back to you, too! XO

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