Canuck Vision

I‘m sitting in a bar in Portland, Oregon right now getting ready to watch the Vancouver Canucks’ game.  Like every other Canuck fan (that includes the entire diehard province of BC), I’ve worked my schedule around the games.  Today is no exception.  I’ve got a photoshoot with Dipstick and our beloved photographer, Maggie Parker, this afternoon.  We were supposed to start our Lipstick & Dipstick shoot earlier, but they’ve graciously pushed it back so I can watch the boys kick San Jose’s ass.

I feel it coming.  The reason we lost the last gave is simple: too many penalties.  I would bet the pile of buffalo wings in front of me that the Canucks will be gentle giants tonight at the game (well, except for Torres—I’m not sure there’s a way to rewire that brain).  The formula is a surefire win strategy, despite the loss of Erhoff and Rome (still angry about that devastating, intentionally violent hit).  It’s this: STAY OUT OF THE PENALTY BOX.  Two of our biggest assets go cross-eyed when it comes to penalty killing and we need them.  If you’re a Canuck fan, you know who I’m talking about.  If not, I’ll give you a hint: the carpet probably matches the drapes (squared).

The puck will drop any minute and I’m confident, along with the other fans around me (surprised to see so many actually—guess I picked the right place), that we’ll make it 3-1 tonight and bring it home for the win!

Let’s go boys!

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