Jazz Bath for Sarah’s Birthday

We enjoyed ourselves in another musical bath last night.

This time: Jazz, Afro-Cuban Jazz, to be precise at “The Cellar” while celebrating with Sarah (my darling step daughter) for her birthday.

How we’d never been to this fantastic underground jazz club is beyond me.  Maybe because we’d pick having a dinner party in leui of partying at the clubs every time. Maybe not any more?  Default The Cellar.

I think The Cellar will forever now be a staple in our life, as it’s a great venue and they pack in true talent.  Zapato Negro jammed and jammed and jammed, drenched in sweat, and entertained a cheering crowd, who snacked and sipped cocktails by candlelight all night.  The craziest part of the whole shebang is that this place is less than a mile from our house!  And only $12 to get in!  You can hardly get a latte for that anymore.


Zepato Negro —->


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