AfterEllen Review in Readers Forum

A review of Jukebox was just posted at  Thanks Rachel for your kind words!  They’re very much appreciated.

“I recommend having an night or an afternoon that can be dedicated to this book because the story is so full and enrapturing that one won’t want to put it down and for the fullest effect of the story, one shouldn’t. This is a book that left me speechless. I had tears in my eyes and some points and was devastated at others. My heart ached for the main character Harper as her journey is the one mostly narrated.

This novel goes through the life long friendship and love of these two women starting off very young all the way to college. It speaks of brief moments in time and slows time down for more detail of singular moments in life that profoundly change a person. I loved how the characters were real to the reader and the story of love, lust, and secrets kept was beyond believable.

This story isn’t for the faint of heart since these two women’s life together unfolds before the readers eyes, it a captivating, spiritual experience that’ll I’ll carry with me.” – Rachel JW on



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